The House Flip on Walnut Street: Episode 7

frugalhomediy April 3, 2012 0

Now that the house was ready for siding I decided to hire my father and his crew to install it.  Installing the siding by myself would have taken me a long time, but my dad’s crew was able to do the whole house in less than a week.  This particular siding has a lifetime fade warranty and an above average thickness so it should wear well.

This gave me the opportunity to work on something else.  So, I decided to start on the basement by tearing out the electrical, plumbing, and air duct systems.  This took me a few days.  After everything was removed I installed some new lighting and decided to redo some of the framing.  There were many floor joists that were two and three pieced over a 10 foot span.  I fixed this by placing another board beside the original joist that spanned the full length.  I used hangers and a ledger board to secure the joists to the main beam.

I removed a small field rock pillar that supported the main beam.  It didn’t seem very stable and its absence created more room to run air ducts.  However, before I removed it I put two 4×4 inch boards in its place.

I also removed all the old wooden support posts and replaced them with jack posts.  I was able to get the total number of posts down to three because a lot of the older posts were unnecessary.  Doing all these things opened up the basement, made it feel bigger, and made it more usable.

After all the framing was done I started rewiring and running new air ducts.  I wasn’t able to replace everything when rewiring, but I was able to cut out most of the old wiring.  I then placed all splices in electrical boxes that could be accessed from the basement.  I also replaced all the old air ducts with new flexible air ducts (above).  These are very easy to install.  Doing all of this took me about two weeks from start to finish.

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