The House Flip on Walnut Street: Episode 3

frugalhomediy January 8, 2012 0

A few weeks after closing  I was able to get some help from my father and a friend to re-roof the house. This will probably be the most physically taxing project out of everything that needs to be done.  The south side of the house had been re-roofed about 18 years ago and only had one layer of shingles.  However, the north side of the house had 4 layers of shingles down to the original cedar shakes.  This was extremely difficult and time consuming to remove.  Also, the flat roof was severely deteriorated in several spots where water had gotten behind the rubber.  The plan was to do the south side first, then the north side, and then the remaining flat roof on three separate weekends.  We also decided to increase the pitch on the south and north side of the house.  This made the house look better and made the roof more functional.

Here’s after the south side of the house was done.  I didn’t take many pictures of this because I forgot my camera.  We removed the old siding from the dormer and covered it in plywood to make it easier to install the flashing up the wall.

You can see in the picture above where the pitch of the roof was raised.  We completely removed the whole lower part of the roof and then re-framed everything.  Tearing out the original roof framing was kind of a pain because there was an old metal roof underneath the rubber roofing.

The following Saturday we started on the north side of the house.  Here’s the roof after all 4 layers of shingles were removed and plywood was put down.

Here’s a closer look at the flat portion of the roof.  There were several layers of rubber over several layers of tar.  The  flat roof near the front of the house was completely deteriorated.  When we removed the layers of rubber roofing the wood underneath disintegrated.

When we were finally done tearing everything out the trash truck was filled to capacity.  It took me a little over an hour to unload this into a dumpster the next day.

Here’s how we re-framed the roof to increase its pitch.  This was then covered in plywood, tar papered, and shingled the next day.  I also decided to remove the top of the chimney until it was below the surface of the roof and place a furnace exhaust cap on top.  I did this because the bricks were very deteriorated and I was afraid it would leak.  Next post I will talk about redoing the flat roof.  Stay tuned….


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